The First Story…

This story follows the lives of the residents of the country of Glantri,a temperate land in the western half of the world. Glantri is a magocracy that is officially governed by a council of 5 powerful wizard “princes”. Though the official center of government is in Glantri City, a populous city located in the center of the country, each of the five wizarding “houses” (together with a small handful of other, less prominent houses) has a stronghold located elsewhere in the country. In the regions around these towers and castles the affairs of the country are essentially overseen by the dominant house. While it would be nice to be able to say that the Princes of Glantri get along well with each other, the truth is that each of them is so wrapped up with “initiatives” associated with their own particular wizardly concerns that – more often than not – each Prince is at odds with one or more of the others because of conflicts of interest. The five current Princes are:
Prince Assan Zhoula – The Zhoula are a family of wizards who specialize in evocation magic. Their estates and holdings are due south of the capital city, near the treacherous Broken Lands. These human mages and their associates are right on the front lines when strange monsters emerge from the Broken Lands to threaten Glantri.
Prince Stormy Ghale – The Ghales are gnomish wizards who dedicate themselves to the study of illusion magic. Their dominion is in the hill country to the north-east of Glantri City. The College of Phantasm, located on a tributary of the Streel River and founded by Stormy’s grandfather, is a visible institution that attracts pupils from all over the country, but few knew the location of the Ghale’s true family sanctum. It’s location is shrouded in mystery.
Princess Coralissa Lauluriel – The Lauluriels are amazing enchanters who hold sway over the fields and forests south-west of the capital city, closest to Lake Amsorak and the neighboring country of Darokin. Of all of the current princely houses of Glantri, this elven house is the most ancient. It is rumored that Coralissa and her four sisters teach new apprentices in a massive complex located in and underneath a massive oak tree.
Princess Leigh Kabbal – The Kabbals are dragonborn sorcerers whose influences range across the northern highlands of the country. Mastery of evocation magic seems to be in their very blood. Among the several prominent Kabbal lords, the fiercest is Leigh, the daughter of the former Kabbal prince. The Kabbals are the newest princely house to be seated in the council at Glantri City.
Prince Bezarion Branchite – The Branchites are seers and sages whose study of divination magic is unsurpassed in all of Glantri. The men and women of this house are much sought after for their advice and council on future matters. The Branchites are much a more itinerant bunch than the other families and – as such – do not have nearly the same territorial influence as the others. That being said, their numbers are strongest in the far eastern part of Glantri, near the border with the Ethengar Khanate. A group of caves in the region is said to be where Bezarion, their prince, goes to meditate when he is away from Glantri City.
Also worth mentioning here are two “houses” who do not currently have representation among the five princes:
The Mars – This house of dwarven wizards has a small sphere of influence in the far western portion of Glantri. Centuries and centuries ago, these mages (who specialize in wards and abjurations) had a seat on the Council of Princes. But, as many of their number emigrated westward into Rockhome, their power declined and they were unseated by the Zhoula princes. Their current leader is a stubborn, commanding mage named Ten.
The Braedibens – These mostly human mages are, with the Lauluriels, one of the oldest houses in Glantri. Ages ago, their founder, an archmage named Holdist, created a magnificent tower out of stone that had been magically transformed into powerfully magnetic metals. This mountain fortress, where Braedibens apprentices are still said to study transmutation magic, is located far to the north, somewhere near the Rosy Shelf. Despite the age of their house, there has never been a Braediben wizard seated on the council in Glantri city.

A tale of two regions.