A tale of two regions.


The Exit from Baba Yaga's Hut

The jelly-like creatures begin to form. We battle. We defeat the jelly creatures. In the next room there are some things swimming in the water. They look like little monkeys swimming about. Inscription on far wall: When all the monkeys bathe in water of bananas ripe, the east channel will fill with similar type. We explore further.
In an alcove by the trough there’s some writing: strike the serpents gently, those who use too much force may toggle the shade of some buffers course.
In another chamber there’s another inscription: if you would shine forth Apollo’s rays, give me some, but not all, too much arriving is the same as none at the north wall.
In the monkey chamber we take a short rest and then go into the other chamber and Ash becomes a rat and follows through a maze of tunnels, finds some snakes, fights one and then finds the chamber with Merinka, daughter of Baba Yaga.
Ash asks her how we get out and she says this: What drips into the garden, determines the route, red rain turns the flow west, let there be no doubt. Bathe the pale moon with the glory of the sun, and your digital odyssey will be done, but send rivers of red or drown out the sun and you cannot escape with a victory won.
Ash leaves that room and heads north. Another verse in the chamber next to where he took the original tunnel in rat form: two rivers my northern pools feed, only one can flow out, is it the one you need?
We regroup and then split. In the button room Gareth presses the far right button and gains strength but nothing else happens. Etri pushes the button next to it and his strength is decreased. Gareth pushes the next yellow button and nothing seems to happen. Etri pushes the last button to red. Liquid changes from red to yellow from button change. Also, Etri morphs into a female dwarf with blonde hair.
Back in Minkara’s room we tell her about meeting Merinka and what was said. Minkara can add nothing further to what we were told. Party members explore more. Minkara notices the change in liquid from red to yellow. She puts her foot into the eastern yellow pool and it turns red.
We go to Meetong Rec’s room and ask him if he has the ability to change the color of the flow. He said that ‘she says that it could happen but that you won’t let it happen’. He says it tearfully. We ask if he has a way to change, and he says that if the flow were to change that my life would become a deathly existence. He’s very emotional. He picks up a rock and says that if the stones drown then the waters will change. Gareth examines the rocks. On the underside of Sherman there are 8 spots of color. Blaise charms Meetong Rec and he dropped Arthur into the water. The water changes route to the sun room and changes the water to the garden red.
We head to Northos’ room. He recognizes Meetong Rec. We offer to get him out if we are able to, and he says that while it might be easy for us to get out but not for him. The jailor would not make it so easy. If he could escape by solving her riddles he would have done so before now. He can change the water yellow, and it would be hard for us to do so without his help. We pay him a magical scroll and 100 gp to help us. He agrees to the little amount because he admires our cunning. He pushes a bunch of buttons and the water changes, along with the route of the water.
We head to the dark beam area and block the beams with giant spider webs. The others head to Minkara with Meetong Rec. After conversing she puts her foot on the red water and changes it to yellow, the northern path reverses changing the water to red. She then says that much we wish is now in order. She hands Rolgar a necromancy looking rock and says that it should be taken to the circle of five in Glantri city. We offer to take her with us, but she says that there is nothing that can be done to free her or the others. We head to see Merinka.
Merinka is smiling when next we see her and says that we have accomplished what others could not. She goes toward the flower bed and removes some coals. While waiting we see the spectral hand again. It writes on the wall: Send them with help. Merinka sees it and gathers the coals. Normally these would win us our freedom from Baba Yaga, but something has happened, and we should take the coals to her. Merinka has the power to send us to one of two places: directly to her with the coals, or on to other intrigues. We elect to return to Baba Yaga and take Meetong Rec with us. Merinka returns us to the kitchen.
The hand appears again. It says to light the stove, and we do and light the coals. Baba Yaga begins to move slowly and starts speaking. She says that we have earned our freedom. She smiles deviously and says that we have earned our lives as well, along with her gratitude. Very few have done this. We should wonder what kind of power did this to Baba Yaga considering her own power. A power that is necromantic in nature. My gratitude will come in this form: I shall share a secret with you to do with it as you will, and then we must talk about the guest you have brought with you. Centuries ago in Glantri there was a powerful family that sat on the council. No one knew where they came from, but on the eve of the coronation of their son, the castle disappeared. Among their lot was an evil sorcerer with terrible, foul power. He and Baba Yaga were rivals. She can think of no one else who would have wished and been capable of doing to her what had happened. He was one of the amber family. If we inquire of him in Glantri city we will learn more about him. His family’s castle lay to the north in the misty valley, though it is there no longer. It is said that some, who go there disappear. If this leader of the Amber family is capable of this, then he still exists, and the castle still exists somewhere. The family was vastly rich, and they held magical secrets beyond compare. That secret is now ours. His name is Simon Amber.
In regard to Meetong Rec, we were the help; but if we leave quickly, and get him out of her sight; then that will be fine. We leave. Fluffy seems to want to stay with us. The area does not look familiar to him. The caravan that we had been travelling with has left already. Blaise heads off to have a conversation with Meetong Rec. The tracks of the caravan seem about a day old.



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