A tale of two regions.



We are in an area with scorpion-like creatures. They have two Bear clan women held captive. The women appear to be in a trance and the creatures are singing in an odd voice. As they sing, the wall continues to grow higher around the two women. We kill the creatures. The women begin to speak, and tell us that the daughters of Weconao will not be forgotten. We then free the women. They introduce themselves as Glenna and Daria. They are members of a community who cloister themselves and study math and astronomy. Normally they wouldn’t be up this way, but two of their children have disappeared. The children might be with an outsider and they went searching for them. We are also introduced to the three new members of the party who helped us fight the stone-singers.
We agree to travel back to the village with the two women. Along the way a giant creature tunnels up through the ground and attacks us.



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