A tale of two regions.


The Quaggoth

We are in the tunnels and have been looking for the missing children of the two women. We are teleported into a natural stone passage. Passage goes for about 60’. About 30’ ahead on the left is a depression (about 10’ long) with carvings. The quaggoths are motioning for us to follow them down the passage. The depression has several piles of rocks, some similar to the cavern and others that are colored. There is also a carving on the wall with dwarvish script. It translates loosely to “in c in e” and “bring out”. Three of us find 13 5 gp gems among the rocks. There are bones along the passage, haven’t been there too long.
There is a stone structure 10 × 10’ enclosed, 5’ high—in passage. It seems to be of more recent construction but of the same stone as cavern. There is a cylindrical opening that could be used to access the inside. Similar as the construction of the singing scorpion structures at the top of the mountain. We leave it for later.
Farther down the passageway there is a fork off to the north. We ignore it and continue on until we reach a very large cavern, about 40’ by 80’. There are many entrances/exits to the cavern and signs of a lot of work in it also. The quaggoths start moving down the western wall. There is a depression and a small creature along the eastern wall. It has antenna and feelers. As we move down the wall, the creature moves toward Sir Ulfric. We roll for initiative. We defeat two waves of rust monsters.
Galen sees another wall picture with dwarven on it. It reads “in” and “put out”. We take a short rest. About 80’ down the south passage is a door. Door appears gnomish or elvish in nature. It has a name above it: head honcho/boss. We pass the door and continue along the passage until we come to another large cavern.
Upon exploring the cavern we find a steep incline with a steep descent down. Edgar, Galen and Sven head down and find two quaggoths hidden at the bottom of the steps, coming toward us with claws extended. We defeat them and other quaggoths that come to attack us. After that we rest. Later, as Galen is exploring, he finds the two children and two adults bound in stone like when we found the scorpion singers.



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