A tale of two regions.


The Beginning

We (the party) were called to the Oakenlands to receive a reward for our heroism.
—silver ring
—Egil’s cloak: reserved only for heroes.
Each clan nominates people to be recognized in the Hall of Heroes:-each hero is called for different reasons
Addison, Akuma, Sir Ulfric (Elk)
—tidal wave hit north coast and caused pollution of drinking water that caused disease. Healed many people and prevented deafness from the disease.

Galen, Edgar (Oak)
—water spirits were upset because of swelling of the rivers at Nivar
—calmed the spirits

Tankiff, Sven (Bear)
—avalanche caused by an earthquake near Nord
—came to the rescue
Udack (Rabbit)
—foiled a plot by Ethengar (between Glantri and Soderfjords) to overtake Soderfjord leaders

Akuma —recognized as hero of heroes
—pearl was stolen
—beholder type things were killed-had been summoned by Bjor Nurtsen of the Turven crime family, who had been working for the Hall of Records. They were valuable pearls but not magical-just enchanted to show location. Akuma got to keep a pearl. He helped Sigurd and Sam. They weren’t good at security and helped them save their jobs.
Elshazar, advisor to the Oak Jarl, asked us to stay close after the banquet, that there were things that needed to be dealt with and we would discuss them.
He tells us that the Jarl had heard from the Elk and Bear clans that there are problems—Elk, a threat to the inhabitants of villages off the eastern coast, and Bear, a threat of village to the north of avalanches. Both were received at the same time, and mention the name Surter: name of a legendary immortal fire giant. Claim that destruction is because of movements of Surter, but possible human links. They would appreciate our help to find out and prevent impending disasters.
-Elk: fishing villages of Nordgast and Elind-traders
-Bear: small village at base of mountain-hard to travel and not well protected
1 1/2 day of travel to either location.
Notes say that acts are imminent. Elk has little hope and less time to occur. We head toward Elk lands and islands.

Midday of day two of the journey, we arrive in the coastlands. Is an area of trade, shipbuilding, etc. We go to the city of Touvin and are told to go to the temple of Tir-the god of battle and strategy. We meet with Mantai, the priest who received the note and is also Akuma’s father (adopted). Tir is a revered god, he lost his right hand in battle and is considered very noble. Many people use left handed tactics because of this. Many cover their right hands because of honor to Tir. Akuma introduces us all. The party is invited into the inner chamber to discuss the note.



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