A tale of two regions.


In Baba Yaba's Hut

The lead dwarf introduces himself as Hakkon and states that the others are his friends. We introduce ourselves and ask what missions he’s referring to. Another dwarf says, no, not missions, but fishing-how’s the fishing going? We ask how Hakkon arrived here. He said that they were heading from the dwarf lands and heard of a hut they had to visit. The witch was in a bad way and convinced us to touch the stove. They attempt to move on. We mention that the witch is still in a bad way. One of the dwarves turns to Thorin and puts his hand out in greeting. He states that if our paths should cross again we shall hold you in the highest regard. The party proceeds south out the room.

The fuzzy animal-an umplebee-seems happy to be free and with us. Umplebee is named Snowball.
Gareth runs up the stairs to nowhere and examines the wall with Rolgar. Rolgar notices the outline of a doorway. He sees a small, barely perceptible indentation inside the doorway. He sticks the end of his dagger inside it and the outline of the doorway glows faint blue. Rolgar pushes on the door. He disappears. Rolgar is standing at the intersection of two long hallways in a room that is 20’ x 20’.
Gareth looks down the hall that the dwarves came from. Gareth sees a door and opens it. She finds a chamber that has five large sized stuffed creatures in it-taxidermy. In the middle of the chamber there sits an ornate chair with four gems in it. On the chair sits a skeleton, grinning, and holding a scroll. Gareth calls for help.
Tia tries to speak with Snowball. How did he get here? He says he was taken from his forest and brought here. Many brought him and he’d been in the cage for a long time. He doesn’t know how he came to this room. He wishes he could be back in his cave. We give him some goodberries. He’s happy. We ask him to wait.
We go into the room with Gareth. Blaise and Tia have heard of this being: a crypt-thing. They can work teleportation around them by their nature. They are known as guardians-are benign until their space is violated. We greet the gatekeeper. The fire in the eyes becomes more intense. Gareth steps into the room. Lotho enters the room, as does Ash. The crypt-thing raises its other hand. Ash wild shapes into a brown bear. Ash attacks and skeleton falls apart. Tia picks up the scroll and read it. We also get the necklace the crypt-thing was wearing. It is worth two gold pieces. The gems in chairs (4) are worth 10 gold pieces each. Scroll has magical runes on it. Runes have to do with lightning—a mage spell. We give it to Blaise. The door on opposite end of the room leads to a hallway 60’ long.
We all go back and replicate Rulgar’s actions. We take Snowball with us. In the room we see an inscription on the wall: Yellow is for high and red is for low, at the buffers you can change the hue of the flow, this challenge will be bested by those of logical mind, complete the circuit and through the gates you will find, my porcine assistant with a quest for the wise, satisfy her and be awarded the prize.
The passageways are quiet. One heads north and the other east, and the north one has a door on the east side. We head down the east hallway. From the room we’re in, the hallway heads 250’ before it ends at a door. Along the way there are three other doors on the northern side, at 150’, at 170’, and another at 190’. Doors are wooden-Tia uses detect magic on the doors. We open the first—it’s 10 × 10 and the northern side has a force field—not a real wall. When we look through it we can see down into a 20 × 20 space where there’s a room with the image of a sun carved into the floor. There’s a 3 × 3 feet opening in one side on the eastern end. In the center of the sun there’s a hole leading down. Hole is about 5’ and diameter. A similar phenomenon is in the next room down. This one has a small opening in n end of western wall with image of crescent moon in the floor. Red colored liquid is flowing out the passage and into the 5’ wide hole in the moon. Last door opens into a room with a little passageway that heads north. Along the eastern end of the passageway there’s a trough containing a liquid. Liquid is flowing to the north and depression is 2-3’ wide. Liquid is reddish colored, viscous liquid. About 20’ down, trough and passageway go into a chamber. Chamber is triangular. At northern end tip of triangle there is an exit and the liquid flows across the chamber and through the exit. There’s room for one to squeeze through. On the western wall of the room there’s a panel. Panel has four buttons: red, yellow, yellow, yellow, with Baba Yaga Industries written below it. Red is pressed in and the others are not. Blaise presses the red button and afterwards it turns yellow. Color of liquid has not changed. Nothing has changed in the other two rooms prior. Tia feels another magical energy presence besides Blaise’s mage hand. We head down the eastern passage to the door. We open the door and it heads due north for 70’. About 40’ down on eastern side there is another trough with the same colored liquid, but flowing faster. Along the ceiling of the passage, above the trough, are stalactites. Liquid disappears into another chamber. We roll for initiative.
Gareth shoots an arrow at a stalactite and it moves, as do others in the hall. They fly bat-like and begin dislodging from the ceiling. We fight. As the creatures dislodge from the ceiling shafts of darkness come down from where they were and appear to change the color of the liquid. The red is now yellow. There are eight shafts of darkness. We enter the triangular chamber at the end of the hallway. Trench flows into a passage north for 20’ then turns west. Blaise goes through the passage the liquid goes through. Passageway turns north again for 30’ and empties into a pool. The pool has two yellow branches and one red. There are yellow canaries flying around. There is an inscription on the floor: one visit by canaries is all I require to turn the north passage to the shade that is higher. Blaise checks out the red passage to see if it comes out in the first triangular room we found. After about 20’ he finds a circular room red liquid, and beyond that the liquid is yellow and there is another chamber with two more channels leading out-one red and the other yellow liquid. Sitting on an outcropping of bone is a large rat. It’s wearing clothing and jewelry. Gareth greets her and she introduces herself as Minkara. When asked how she came to be down here she said that she has a debt to pay to Baba Yaga. She is bound to this room and knows some secrets of the place. There is little we can do to repay her debt, but there is a service we can do for her. Bring her one of the heads of Metong Rec. You will find that thing also in this plane-he is a brutal savage. He is a sworn enemy because of what he did for my people. The passage in the first triangular chamber leads to the room with Minkara in it.
We head back to where we entered and take the northern passage-150’ long. Three doors 40’, 120’, 140’-all on the eastern side. First door opens into a hallway 20’ long-on north side there’s a metallic door that is locked. Blaise casts reduce and shrinks the door. We remove the door. We see a 20’ passageway that leads to a triangular room where the red liquid runs across the room and flows out. We see Meetong Rec sitting on a boulder. We talk about Minkara. Beside him is another boulder that has four colorful rocks sitting on it. Meetong says that Rolgar’s strength amazes him. To the east of here is a trapezoidal chamber and here you will find Merinka. We leave the room.
Next door is a wooden one. It opens, and a passage leads 20’ east with a triangular chamber, along the southern wall and flowing through the chamber with red liquid. In the triangular room is another plate of buttons on the wall-with 100 buttons on it. In the room is a large creature named Northos. He greets us and we converse. He said he will negotiate with us for information if we have gems. He lifts his spear in farewell and we can see the edge frosting over.
We check out the last door. There’s a passageway heading east 20’ with a trough going through a triangular room. The liquid is yellow. Just beyond the room there’s a circular room, 8’ diameter. As the yellow liquid goes into the pool, turns red as it enters the pool. There’s a loose stone in the northern wall. There’s a space behind it with a lever turned left. Gareth turns it to the right.



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